There is no absolute predictor of fertility

But there's a bunch of things we can test. 

Grip helps you exclude the most common reasons why women struggle to conceive, just like fertility clinics would. 

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The Grip test helps you understand your risk of:

Low Egg count

We test AMH


We test AMH, LH, Testosterone

Blocked tubes

We test Chlamydia IgG

Thyroid issues

We test TSH

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Meet our customers:

"I’ve started researching the menstrual cycle because I had all kinds of bad responses to my coil.

I love that Grip provides an easy, accessible way to get some more info about your own body and that it looks beautiful while still feeling no-nonsense."⁠

"The Grip test has calmed my worries, and given me a better idea of whether I am okay to wait a bit longer, or if I should start trying to get pregnant as soon as possible."

Anne-Fleur, 29 

Ceramist, Utrecht, NL

Debbie 34, 

School Teacher, Oldenzaal, NL

Debbie is on the pill. Read more here.

Anne-Fleur is not on birth control.

"I strongly believe that you can live your best life best when you know more about yourself. I feel so much more at ease now I don’t have to go through life thinking ‘what if’." 

Leonie, 27

Program Manager, Amsterdam, NL

Leonie has a hormonal IUD. Read more here.

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Our Doctors


Dr. Noor Teulings

co-founder, Chief Science Officer

Dr. Noor Teulings received her Medicine Doctoral from Utrecht University and is completing her Ph.D. on cardiovascular maternal health at the University of Cambridge (2020).


Professor Dr. Frank Broekmans


Dr. Frank Broekmans is a gynecologist and Professor in Reproductive Endocrinology and Surgery at the University Medical Center Utrecht, since October 2010.


Dr. Emma Dickinson-Craig

Consultation Doctor

Dr. Emma Dickinson-Craig is a medical doctor who trained at University of Utrecht, with an expertise in global health and reproduction. She is currently working on her PhD at University of Birmingham, UK focusing on reproductive health and air pollution in Mongolia, in collaboration with UNICEF.

See our founders'

actual fertility reports

Anne Marie uses birth control

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Ling doesn't use birth control

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Grip founders

We are just like you. We wanted to take control of our fertility - with data.

Noor Teulings, MD
Co-founder, Chief Science Officer
Anne Marie Droste
Co-founder, CEO
Ling Lin
Co-founder, CPO
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How Grip works

You can take the test from the comfort of your home

01. Get the kit

02. Collect your


03. Lab analysis

04. Your plan of action

Answer a few questions, we'll customize your test based on your birth control.

So yes, you can take the test if you're on birth control.

Prick your finger, collect about 10 drops (0.5ml) of blood, and pop your sample in the mail. That's it!

Our lab, the same ones fertility clinics use, analyses your blood sample. 

Our lab is ISO15189 certified, the highest possible medical certification in Europe.

Your results are just the start. Most fertility related issues are easily treatable, as long as you have time. Our doctors will make a (free) plan with you, and you can ask all your questions in our closed chat group. 

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"What matters is that women have access to information about their own bodies.  Even when it comes to their fertility."


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How we protect your data.

We understand how sensitive your information is, and we work very hard to keep everything as safe as possible. The lab uploads your results to a special medical cloud, and the only way that we can see your report is through 2-factor authentication. Only medical professionals have access to your report.


We are GDPR compliant, which means that we won't store any of your data unless you give us explicit permission to do that. Most women want us to store their information so that if you test again next year, we can easily compare your results.


We ask everyone to opt in to giving us an anonymised version of your results for fertility research, but if you don't want to participate, you, of course, don't have to.

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Grip Fertility tests are intended exclusively for wellness monitoring. The tests are not to be used for diagnosis or to replace a consultation with a doctor. 

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