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"It should be easier to plan when to have kids"

This might sound familiar: we’re women in our early 30s. We know we might want kids someday, but ideally - not yet.


We have all seen the terrifying graphs that show how average fertility steadily declines between 30 and 35, and then goes rapidly downhill after that. This data is better than no data at all, but we don’t just want to know when the average woman becomes less fertile, we want to know where we sit on that graph. 


We know that fertility specialists in hospitals/clinics often prescribe women who struggle to get pregnant a series of blood tests that help exclude the most common fertility problems. That of course doesn’t mean the test can tell you if you can have a baby, but it’s a great place to start understanding where you sit. If you know you have issues with your ovulation or a less than average amount of eggs, then you can plan accordingly while you still have time.


But here’s the problem: you can only see a fertility specialist if you have either unsuccessfully been trying to get pregnant for a year, or if you are in pain. As healthy women, who are not trying for kids just yet, why can't we do the same tests as fertility specialists do in the hospital?


That’s why we started Grip. We want you to be able to get the same hormone blood tests that a fertility doctor would prescribe you in a clinic, without needing a referral from your GP, and without needing to be sick. Your body, your data, your decision. And the best part - you can do the Grip fertility test in your pajamas from the couch. We believe every woman should have access to data about her body, so you can make better decisions. 


“Just start trying, and see if you’ll get pregnant" is no longer good enough. It’s time to be proactive about our fertility, rather than to wait until something is wrong. 

Anne Marie, Ling, & Noor

Co-founders, Grip Fertility


Drs. Noor Teulings

Co-founder, Chief Science Officer

Dr Noor Teulings received her Medicine Doctoral from Utrecht University and is completing her Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge (2020).Her research focuses on the adaptation of the cardiovascular system to pregnancy and how this might differ between women with a healthy weight and women who are obese. She has been awarded grants from the Dutch and British Heart Foundation for her research.


Dr. Teulings has a strong interest in Women’s health. She completed her medical residency at UMC Utrecht hospital, focusing on OBGYN and fetal physiology. She plans to be a full-time Gynaecologist after completing her Ph.D.

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Anne Marie Droste

Co-founder, CEO

Anne Marie is a co-founder and CEO at Grip. She was the third employee and later a partner at venture capital fund Entrepreneur First, where she helped build over 200 startups, now worth over $2 billion dollars. She ran expansion and opened EF offices in Singapore, Berlin, Hong Kong, Paris, and Bangalore.


She finished three degrees: a master's degree at the University of Cambridge, and two undergrads at Utrecht University. She once wrote a thesis about the thermodynamics in windmills and ran a travel agency to North Korea.


She was unreasonably nervous when she got her test results. 


Ling Lin

Co-founder, CPO

Ling is a co-founder and CPO at Grip. Prior to co-founding Grip, Ling was the Head of Asia Product at TransferWise. She has spent her time across North America, Asia, and Europe.She was the Chief of staff for OnePlus and Head of Risk Product of Groupon China, launching and expanding their markets globally. Ling also spent time at Amazon, improving its merchant platform.


Ling holds an MBA from INSEAD and a Master of Science/Bachelor of Science from Stevens Institute of Technology.

Ling has decided not to freeze her eggs, and feels pretty good about that. 


Dr. Frank Broekmans

Advisor, read more here

Frank Broekmans is a gynecologist and professor of Reproductive Endocrinology & Surgery at the University Medical Center in Utrecht., since October 2010. He is head of the Department of Reproductive Medicine and chairman of the committee for Science management of division Female and Baby. He studied under Prof Schoemaker at the VU University Medical Center, a true pioneer in reproductive medicine at the time.  


His scientific career focuses on research into female reproductive aging, in particular, the ovarian aging process, determining current and future fertility in women, and the role that your genes play in this. He has published more than 285 peer-reviewed scientific articles, contributed to 31 books, and delivered 137 lectures at international scientific meetings.








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Grip Fertility tests are intended exclusively for wellness monitoring. The tests are not to be used for diagnosis or to replace a consultation with a doctor. 

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